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Contact us and we will share our thought’ s and experience with you. We have qualification to make your watch design that you have been dream of, just like you want to have it.
We have crafted hundreds of custom watches that are made for clubs and even for the public administration side, they trust’s our time machines.

If you have an idea or thought about your next watch for small or large group (club, work, or commercial), we are here for help. We can design and make the work easy for you. Like our customers say’s from our watches, we are good in it!

The people are really taken for the quality of the watches and the importance of the design, really stunning V.J

You can contact with the form, email or call us, just how you like it. Best thing to start the very first design project is “just call us” and let’s discuss about it.


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    Kelloliike SalonenClock MagasinetLaatukoruKello AhjoWorld WatchesKeskisen kelloPirkan kelloKelloseppä SandbergTimanttiset Joensuun Kulta-CenterSuomen kultakello


    Pookwatches Contact Phone:  +358 44 985 1398

    Visit our workshop:  Suvantokatu 8, Joensuu, Finland


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