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The origin of Pook Watches

Where it has been started of
In 1970`s I was a very little boy. I went almost every day diving with my dad during the summer months. We had hundreds of days full of diving, and adventure. We went there, whatever the weather might be, on a sunny day, or day with roaring sea. All of those days were filled of joy, and excitement. My dad was a professional diver, he did underwater welding and other demanding projects. But he was also passionate about diving as a hobby. He was a true diving trooper, 24/7. I did not know then, but that time that I spent together with my dad, was truly the source of inspiration for me. I followed very carefully everything that my dad did, and learned how to scope with water, and sea. I fell in love with sea, just like my dad before me. Every time I got the chance, I studied my fathers gear, figuring out the equipment and studying them. When diving in Nordic sea on a daily basis, the equipment had to be reliable. The conditions were many times harsh, and the laws relating to diving safety has to be obeyed to avoid taking unnecessary risks dangering your and other divers`lives. Especially the time spent in the depths of sea was naturally the crucial factor to follow. Soon my dad’s diving watch (Citizen B52806) was in my little hands every time when i was able to do it, that happened usually during the diving trips. I even had a change to dive with it couple times. You can imagine how I felt those rare occasions. I did not know it then, but afterwards I have realized that this was the moment that my watch enthusiasm got started. This my dads watch have been round the world after the active diving times, our good friend made article for this watch and the cycle of time around it, you can read this fabulous story from here: The fabulous story of Seppo and his B52806 150m Citizen Thank you Citizen guy!

“the Divers..

..the inspiration comes"
I have been collecting watches for every since. The idea and dream of own watch design was born, but like many things in life, the reality wasn`t just there. Many years went by, and during that time the idea did not go away. Slowly it seemed that somehow and someday, it could be possible. And finally, decades later, I was able to design my own watch, and make it reality. I wanted the watch to look bit like a classic diving watch from the 70ies, but updated to the highest technical standards and precision quality of today possible. That is why I chose the best materials and most respected component solutions to the watch, so that the watch will take the strain of everyday keeper in demanding conditions diving in sea water, and the same time look amazing. I wanted the watch look like something that, despite the fact it is important and vital instrument of time keeping, you can be secretly just the little bit proud of the design itself. This inspiration comes from divers and diving trips from the era, when technology has not yet greatly influenced the joy and adventure of finding and exploration, time when we needed a lot of effort, background research and, above all, determination and will to do without modern equipment. I have the privilege of living the modern days of diving when technology admits the underwater adventure better than ever before. I feel humble, and privileged to leave something for generations to come, the feeling of lifelong adventure that has inspired me ever since I was a little boy looking the horizon at the beach, wondering how to gather enough courage to go to the depths of sea the very first time.

“From the Finnish nature..

..lighthouse named Pooki"

These watches are inspired from the joy of diving, Finnish nature and adventure, and love of my family, that I experienced during my childhood the 70ies. Pooki name is actually also the name of the oldest lighthouse in the Finnish coast, named Pooki. We made many diving trips around the Pooki lighthouse and it felt just right to carry on the name of Pooki in my watch design.
I hope that you all can share and enjoy the spirit that i have put into our watches.
All the pictures below is taken my dad which I greatly admire and respect. Lyökki & Mariehamn /Finland, between the years 1970-1980.

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